Orisha Sound gets you swinging and swaying with her seductive new single, “One More Night”. Following her previous hits, “World War III” and “Own Ya”, Orisha’s new song continues a theme of fresh rhythm with her sultry vocals and full captivating reggae sound. Her spicy personality and reggae influences continue to make Orisha’s music a bold variety of dub-infused pop. “One More Night” is currently available for download on iTunes.

2014 marks the emergence of a new look and sound for Orisha as she sheds her good girl pop roots to evolve into an undeniable reggae star. This gutsy move from the indisputable talent has her faithful fans praising her new sound and new fans flocking by the thousands. The danceable beat is the first element that hooks you into “One More Night”, rocking you back and fourth with its rock steady influences.

While the song has an upbeat and relaxed sound to it, a further listening demonstrates an unexpected depth of sadness. The song finds Orisha pining for a lover as she laments, “One more night I’m all alone. Where’s my baby? Please come home.” The message of the longing is complemented perfectly by the welcoming and accessible instrumentation.

This single finds the same unique energy as her previous work, but with a hint of modest yearning that really sets “One More Night” apart. Orisha Sound is gearing up to be one of the biggest names in the reggae scene as she rubs elbows with the best, including Snoop Lion, Beenie Man, Sizzla and more.

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