1 Reggae

Title : 1 Reggae
Release Date : October 28, 2014
Label :
Format : CD



1 Reggae is less of a sophomore release and more of a refined selection of Orisha Sound’s music. The album follows her 2013 break-out release, Cupid in a context that is distinctly more reggae. Recording her entire album in Jamaica, 1 Reggae opens with the ska track, “Rollercoaster”, setting the tone for the rest of the album. The following track, “One More Night”, is a fresh taste of old-school dancehall and live instrumentals. “Gimmi The Beat” demonstrates Orisha’s humanitarian concerns, which are important in understanding her artistic vision. The song is deceptively smooth as the relaxing beat contrasts the severity of the issues, like human trafficking in Africa, war in Ukraine and unjust acts in Jamaica.

The call and response with Anthony Que in “Best of My Love” stays true to the style of traditional rocksteady reggae. The remix of “Embrace It” strays the least from its predecessor with a harder beat that is best suited for a nightclub. The last two tracks on 1 Reggae both merge Orisha’s reggae with electronic dance are as sexy as they catchy. “World War Three” featuring Beenie Man does not shy away from it’s intimate undertones with a beat that will lead you straight to the dance floor. The last track “Own Ya” fuses Orisha’s reggae roots into a pop jam seamlessly.

Orisha puts it, “Politics, love, emotions, world events – things I’ve been through the last year – its all put in the sound form in 1 Reggae.” Orisha has put her blood, sweat and tears into this latest release as her passion for reggae rings solidly throughout.